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Want to get your word out of your writing?  Come guest blog for Chronicles of Fitness.

The idea of Chronicles of Fitness is to spark a community of like-minded individuals who love history and fitness. Let’s make others more well-rounded both physically and mentally!

Submitted articles must either show how history improves global context and how we, today, can act better through this information.  For fitness, how does this fitness advice improve my ability to realize my life’s dreams?

Areas to talk about: 

  • Food (current things that can help people fuel performance, historical recipes that teaches readers about society of the given time period +BONUS are also conducive for athletic goals, food history, eating habits of successful historical figures or athletes or average people who lived rigorous lifestyles)
  • Training (programming, motivation, mobility, exercise technique)
  • Life in the times of ‘XXX’ – Talking about life of a particular person (occupation, courtier, etc) that illustrates the concept of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • History that shows an unknown view or breaks a stereotype on a subject/peoples that is portrayed in the “popular” narrative
  • Relevance of History/Fitness in everyday life
  • Even if it’s not any of the above topics, please pitch and then we’ll make a decision on if it fits with the Blog’s message.

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Advice on Pitching:

  • include an estimated word length
  • proposed style of writing
  • completed manuscripts are welcome, so are partial manuscripts, and even pitches for a proposed article.

Advice on Bio

  • 3-4 sentences describing you with a link to your blog/website or other self-promotion

After Publishing

  • You should be proud of the work that you publish so share it on your social media
  • Be expected to answer any comments that arise on your published blog post for the first 2 days after publication (you wrote it and so you know it best)

What you’ll Get out of it

  • opportunity to increase presence on the web through shared links
  • growing your network in your niche
  • reach an audience that would otherwise be alienated