Take on the 30-Day Scholar-Warrior Challenge

Going along with the themes shared on Chronicles of Fitness (learning to understand the context that you live in and exact empathy, and using fitness to fully live out change) we start our challenge to create balance through education in the world around us and physicality to make us better capable to perform.

By empowering ourselves physically we can maximize the vehicle through which our bodies function. Think of it like a horse and a jockey.

We’re trying to build the horse really well because its the vehicle by which the jockey can assert position and share its strategies in action.

On the same note, by studying history, and more broadly, expanding the power of the jockey, we understand the context in which we exist in.

We become more aware of the trends of human history and how the environment of today has been shaped. Its through this awareness that we can make educated-assumptions on how to proceed forward.

The concept of a scholar-warrior has been related in several different cultures and creeds. In one way, you could say that its being an advocate of moderation or even of the middle path.

For that reason, here is a 30 day challenge to train and learn like a scholar-warrior.  The series was originally published on Medium.com and the links will direct you over to Medium.

Follow the Series Below:

Day 1 — Perspective

Day 2 — Train your Posterior Chain Muscles

Day 3 — Read a Historical Event in Detail

Day 4 — Now look at things from the other perspective

Day 5 — Go see a Physical Therapist

Day 6 — Periodize Your Year

Day 7- Read a Nutrition Textbook

Day 8 — Use your Fitness to help Someone

Day 9 — Find the Lingua Franca

Day 10 — Do 10 Minutes of Mobility Work

Day 11 — Make a cool Historical Dish

Day 12 — Audit your Sleep

Day 13 — Try something New with your Fitness

Day 14 — Talk to a War Vet in Need

Day 15 — Go on a Long Endurance Trek

Day 16 — Try Fasting for a Day

Day 17 — Take up a PHYSICAL Hobby

Day 18 — Create a Gratitude Journal

Day 19 — Use Your Body MORE

Day 20 — Watch a Historical Movie and try and discern Fact from Fiction

Day 21 — Run Hill Sprints

Day 22 — Read Some Damn Fiction, Purposefully

Day 23 — Control your Breathing

Day 24 — Meal Prep for the Week

Day 25 — Go on an outdoor adventure exploring nature and write about it in the woods

Day 26 — Look at a situation in your day from the other person’s perspective

Day 27 — Go Listen to a person dealing with Depression/Mental Wellness

Day 28 — Create your own Iroquois Confederacy

Day 29 — Take on a practice of Yoga

Day 30 — Teach someone what you’ve learned

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