Take on the 30 Day Core Challenge by the Dance Training Project

I really miss moving with more freedom.  When I was playing football, in many ways it was like a dance.

It’s fluidity and spontaneity.

It’s doing #MassMacgyverTraining on the fly.


“What am I going to learn from a dance?  Overextension?  Arthritis?  Messed up feet?”

“I already tried running.  I’ve got my fair share of problems”

To be honest, the last time I did a ‘dance’ was back in the fourth grade where we were exposed to traditional Irish and Middle Eastern-style dance.  I was so bad that I had to be the ‘tree’ and just stand there with my hands up while the rest of the class would dance.

So some degree of skepticism on dance is warranted.  Right?

Yet, recently, having learned more about the Cossack squat, Cossack, culture, and breaking free of the coronal plane, the idea of dance sounded pretty interesting.

To be honest, I think I might even take a class with our local Ukrainian dance group here in Toronto and really see what it’s like.

Nonetheless, it’s gotten me thinking of what I can learn from the dance movement form.

As Jim Wendler says:  Have a filter of training values from which you screen through new ideas.

What’s funny is that this adventure in finding out about the Cossack squat and the Gopak dance led me to Monika Volkmar’s blog, Dance Training Project.  Monika has written about movement care and strengthening for dancers.

In fact, she’s now writing on the lingua franca topic of movement, in general, on her new blog, monikavolkmar.com.  And that’s what drew me to her work: Finding the common language and extrapolating to your own medium.

In fact, I got on her FREE 30-day core challenge.  Over the past month, I had the chance to re-evaluate my core via Monika’s program.

Monika gives awesome video instruction and the exercises can continue to be compounded upon as part of a warm up or as accessories to a training session.

What I found?

More awareness of what she includes in her program: zone of apposition and a deeper awareness of spinal movement while under load (knowing how the ship is holding up while firing cannons)

You can try Monika’s Core Challenge HERE