How the Great Tea Race Built Amazing Hybrid Athletes

Imagine American merchant marines swiftly cutting through the Pacific Ocean in their newly created Tea Clipper sailing ships. Sleek yet capable, these hot rods embody both cargo capacity and speed. Why? They’ll need both to get to their prize:  The Chinese tea trade. Go back to the year 1866. The Continue Reading

Eat Moroccan for Strength like an African Pirate

From nomads to privateers, you have to eat to perform. Forever on the quest to find better fuel, we look to history. We go back and then look forward in this installment to the fuel of Moroccan Nomads and Barbary privateers. Traveling across the rugged Mountain interior through large tracts Continue Reading

Adapt to Imposed Demands like the Haudenosaunee


When you progressively adapt to imposed demands like the Haudenosaunee you build something epic. How do the Haudenosaunee (better known as the Iroquois) who were, for centuries thought as ‘savages’ by European settlers have a government system that inspired one of the most powerful empires of the modern world? They Continue Reading

Are you a Caesar or Augustus?

Heard of Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar wanted to tear up the Roman Republic. He wanted to forcefully convert it into a full-on, autocracy (at least temporarily). He created a love of the common man that discarded the opinions of the politicians. Although he himself was not successful to realizing a Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Use Empathy to Understand Bipolar

Mental illness has been around since before recorded history.  Yet, we’ve only just begun to understand it and establish proper methods on how to treat it. That means people with mental illness, rich and poor, have been subjected to quackery and crackpot remedies for thousands of years. Sadly, this includes Continue Reading