SPONSORED POST: Building Iron with Rogue Fitness

If you’ve looked on the right pane of our blog page, you’ll see that we have one of two affiliate programs marketed.  One is thriftbooks, provided a source of second-hand but still good quality books for your reading adventures.

The other, is our partnership with Rogue Fitness, a premier fitness equipment company whom I’ve had the the pleasure of using their products.

From the Rogue barbells (power bar and Ohio bar) to their bumper plates and deadlift jacks, rogue is among the few companies providing quality machining and bars for training.

Now, they’re not the only ones. EliteFTS and Sorinex are said to provide great products but in our experience, Rogue

Why partnering?

At the end of the day, growing this blog is about money and affiliating with a brand that we have personally used and trust was the only way of doing so.  Rogue provides great products for quality performance.

The knurling on their bars show how much of a difference good grip from a barbell can have on lifting.  Now, you shouldn’t make that as an excuse to perform.

However, using quality made equipment does have an impact.   The quality of your equipment’s life is partially influenced by the quality of manufacture.

Honestly, talking about training and machining reminds me back to college.  Our mascot was a knight, or lancer, on a horse with a lance in hand.

Very medieval.  Now, like any college mascot, you’ve got motifs and themes plastered across the campus.  Including at the gym.

Appropriately, our gym was called The Forge.  It was place to create ourselves, become better, and create better weapons for battle, alll in line with that motif of the knight and fighting, etc.

Taking that analogy, consider the perspective of the blacksmith toiling away on his craft in the smithy.  He hammers away, creating the very tools necessary for bigger and more intricate projects.

Its a level of foundation upon foundation, building upon one another.

As your techniques improve, at some point, the tools that you use do hold you back.  Things become inefficient.  The need for better quality tools becomes more important.

We say, treat training in the gym like the blacksmith.  Forge yourself with the iron.  You know that famous quote:  Iron sharpens iron.

Well its important to have quality tools for shaping oneself.

In line with that message, we hope you can take benefit from our affiliation with Rogue Fitness.