Regular Eating, Fasting, and Your Metabolism

By Avishek Saha

About Avishek


 Avishek is currently a Naturopathic medical student who strongly believes in holistic thinking in health.  His passions in healthy  body, mind, and soul have led him to create SBCA Health (Stop Being Confused About Health).  SBCA Health is inspired by the interconnected impact of the food we eat, our environment, our social circle, upbringing, life choices, sleep habits, exercise habits, and beliefs, on our health.  You can follow Avishek on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook with the handle @sbcahealth.  



To the Article,

Once upon a time the nutrition blogosphere I enjoyed participating in was lit with a debate on whether or not fasting was hurtful to your metabolism. The age old adage that eating six meals a day was better for your metabolism was spit on by the intermittent fasting (IF) enthusiasts. They argued that short term fasting had no effect on your metabolism, because in the long run you would be receiving the same amount of nutrition.

Theories are wonderful, but if they don’t hold up in practice, they are useless. Theories like these are rampant in the nutrition science world but real life practice will tell you what works best.

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Maybe the theory is true. But what if there are other factors that lower metabolism that are affecting the intermittent fasting enthusiast? It is still useless to hope that the theory will work because those other confounding factors need to be sorted out.

Here’s a little bit of a backstory:

I swallowed the intermittent fasting bug whole. I started fasting for 18-22 hours (sometimes 24) five days a week. The successful IF trainers however seemed to advocate 16 hour fasts. By the 16 hour period, I decided that I could go longer. I had a lot of energy. This was because my body, young and fresh, had a lot of reserves, or yin. Whether or not you like the concept of yin and yang, it’s a nice model for what’s about to happen.

With time, I had less and less energy from fasting; my yin was being depleted. I talk about this in an old youtube video of mine (enjoy the ponytail look I am sporting).  You can catch the rest of the article on Avishek’s website,