Take on the 30 Day Core Challenge by the Dance Training Project

I really miss moving with more freedom.  When I was playing football, in many ways it was like a dance. It’s fluidity and spontaneity. It’s doing #MassMacgyverTraining on the fly. Dancing? “What am I going to learn from a dance?  Overextension?  Arthritis?  Messed up feet?” “I already tried running.  I’ve Continue Reading

Embrace Innovation like the Western Liao

If you’re into strength training, you’ve heard of Louie Simmons and the famous Westside protocol of strength periodization. If you went to English class, you probably know, or heard of A Westside Story. If you’re a biology or biochemistry scientist, you’ve heard of western blotting. But, have you heard of Continue Reading

Riding the Anatomy Trains of Tensegrity

There’s no denying that there’s too much information out there in the world. It’s where we go to for quick, specific information.  Yet, are you really getting an understanding of something? When news articles report scientific findings.  They may take the time to show some sort of context but largely, Continue Reading