Our Thriftbooks Partnership

We take a new step with Chronicles of Fitness in our first affiliate partnership with the used-book seller, Thriftbooks.

Oneof the many reasons we’ve started this affiliate with Thriftbooks is to empower people to read more in an affordable manner.

Thriftbooks, like the name says is a great source of used books that you might not want to get brand new.

Good source of finding quality books

Thriftbooks is a useful resource when it comes to finding books that you’ve already read but found are a great reference source for successive projects, or just to keep hand.

Butyou also don’t necessarily feel like having something ‘brand new’ in your keep.

Sometimesits hard to justify a brand new book, especially if its several hundred dollars that just sits on your shelf.

In addition, it is a great resource in finding rare books and ones that are out-of-print.  Something that any avid reader of history will enjoy.

Now there are several other book sources out there but Thirftbooks is a source that I’ve personally used and continue to use.

With that, if you do decide to check out Thriftbooks, then be sure to check out the discount promotion for first time users on the right column of this site.

Thank you for reading and your continued support of this blog site!