GUEST POST: How To Get A Short But Good Workout In

Connie Bechtel, a high-intensity interval training coordinator from Camp Allen Hopkins Hall Gym in Norfolk, demonstrates an exercise to Marines from Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group, Nov. 19. The HIIT program is part of a week-long professional military education for noncommissioned officers and below to better themselves in military leadership, discipline and adherence to Marine Corps standards.

By: Demar Thompson


In today’s busy world, it is hard to keep up with the regular routine of going to the gym. Sure the actual workout may not be the issue, after all you’re probably highly motivated, but when you leave work, head to the gym stay an hour and then venture off into the long ride back home, you quickly see how one hour can turn into two or maybe even three. So what’s a person to do? It’s not like you can quit your job and free up 8 hours of the day. The best thing that you can do is find a better way into getting in a great workout here are some tips:

1. Organize An Actual Workout Plan

plan short workout

Ever heard of the quote, “failing to plan is planning to fail”? Well that quote is just as true when it comes to training. Have a plan of what exercises and what areas of the body that you plan to target so you won’t waste valuable time trying to figure out what workout you should do. Here’s an example: Monday – Focus on chest and arm workouts only, Tuesday – focus on abs only, Wednesday – focus on cardio, Thursday – focus on legs, Friday – focus on back. Check out’s tips.

2. Set A Time Limit

If you only want to workout for 30 minutes, then setting a time limit is the best way to do it. Now in order to get a good workout in on a set time limit of 30 minutes then you’ll have to change your workout to a high intensity one, see number 5.

3. Workout When Motivated

short workout

When you’re motivated to workout that’s when you’ll actually do the best workouts. What I often see sometimes are people who don’t seem to be motivated enough to actually workout and end up either sitting in a gym crowding equipment that other people would have more use for or sometimes I see people end up playing on their phone instead of actually completing the task at hand. Don’t end up wasting time and actually put effort in when you are motivated to do so

4. Clear All Distractions

No distractions equals results as I’d like to say. Don’t bring stuff to a workout that you won’t be using for a workout and that includes a phone. If you need to bring your phone for timing purposes or simply to view your workout plan then the best thing that you can do is place the phone on airplane mode so that no calls/text/emails can get through. You’ll thank yourself later when the workout is complete.

5. Do HIIT Workouts

When you ramp up the intensity, you’re doing more in a shorter amount of time. What’s even better is that you’ll actually burn more calories doing it. Check out this news report that actually looked at how HIIT burned more calories (up to 900).

6. Set Up A Home Gym

Maybe you don’t need to actually go to a gym. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle. If you’re truly motivated and are snatched for time, you can build your own home gym and always have it readily available. This makes it easier as you won’t have to rush to make it to the gym on time and you essentially don’t have to travel.

Follow these six tips and I can assure you that you’ll be happier and more successful when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Don’t waste time with your workouts and stay motivated when doing them. All that there is now to do is get going and have fun doing it!


Demar Thompson is a freelance blogger and trainer who specializes in teaching HIIT workouts online. Guiding others to reach their full potential when it comes to fitness.