GUEST POST: Use Empathy to Understand Bipolar

Mental illness has been around since before recorded history.  Yet, we’ve only just begun to understand it and establish proper methods on how to treat it. That means people with mental illness, rich and poor, have been subjected to quackery and crackpot remedies for thousands of years. Sadly, this includes Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Looking at Steroids through History

Guest Post by:  Stephen Bitsoli Today, anabolic steroids – more properly anabolic-androgenic steroids – are synonymous with weightlifters, bodybuilders, football players and other athletes who use them to get an advantage – some would say an unfair advantage, or even cheat – over their fellows. (Scientific estimates of how many Continue Reading

Movement vs. Exercise: What is the Distinction?

By:  Monika Volkmar We’ve got another awesome guest article, posted with permission from the writer’s original website, Dance Training Project.    Think back to our article on the Cossack squat and the dancing of the Cossacks.  You’ll see how taking movement from a variety of specialties is useful. About Monika Continue Reading

Regular Eating, Fasting, and Your Metabolism

By Avishek Saha About Avishek  Avishek is currently a Naturopathic medical student who strongly believes in holistic thinking in health.  His passions in healthy  body, mind, and soul have led him to create SBCA Health (Stop Being Confused About Health).  SBCA Health is inspired by the interconnected impact of the food we Continue Reading