Adapt to Imposed Demands like the Haudenosaunee


When you progressively adapt to imposed demands like the Haudenosaunee you build something epic. How do the Haudenosaunee (better known as the Iroquois) who were, for centuries thought as ‘savages’ by European settlers have a government system that inspired one of the most powerful empires of the modern world? They Continue Reading

Embrace Innovation like the Western Liao

If you’re into strength training, you’ve heard of Louie Simmons and the famous Westside protocol of strength periodization. If you went to English class, you probably know, or heard of A Westside Story. If you’re a biology or biochemistry scientist, you’ve heard of western blotting. But, have you heard of Continue Reading

Use Lingua Franca to become a BEAST!

Ever have to have an important conversation with someone that couldn’t speak your own language?  Chances are, yes.  I remember back in middle school, playing pickup hockey with a couple of friends when my Chinese neighbour came out of her townhouse unit.  She rushed onto her driveway, a letter and Continue Reading

Overcome Team Dysfunction like the Mongol Horde

  Would you rather listen?   We’ve looked at the makings of memorable military units and the armies of some of history’s greatest empires in the past year.  We’ve talked about how some of the very skills and principles from strength and conditioning were utilized to maximize their effectiveness. And Continue Reading