Welcome to Chronicles of Fitness!

We’re hear to break out of the fitness and academic bubble. Let’s be scholars who act and action-takers who think and reflect.

The purpose of this blog is to spread the value of history for improving empathy.  We do this through understanding the context that we live in AS WELL as getting fit physically to make the greatest impact.

History is empowering

To pull ourselves out of our own context and place us in someone else’s is an act of empathy in itself.

Learning history is about understanding why people made the decisions they did by putting ourselves in their shoes and looking forward.

That’s power.

Ronin Musashi Nara
Be scholar-warrior like Musashi Miyamoto.

This has always been important but is even more the case in our world today where information is exploding left and right.

Moreover, fitness is just as important. Its the process of honing the body so that the mind can go as far as it should. Movement truly is medicine.

With Chronicles of Fitness we hope to bring a level of understanding of how important movement is to our lives, and how much it empowers us.

Living both an active lifestyle is a habit that can lead to better health and well-being, and skyrocket ourselves to reaching goals because we’re BALANCED.

Eating to fuel performance, learning about mobility and how to improve structural integrity (training longevity), practical programming, and motivation are all things that come under learning fitness.

History isn’t just dates and dead people, and Fitness is more than just a tan and washboard abs.

Acquiring a base in these areas makes us more-well rounded and capable of rising higher in what we hope to be experts in.

In history you find both empowerment…and humility. you build the ability to entertain the opposing viewpoint, understand where that conclusion may have come from, and formulate, adjust, or reinforce your own position from that.

Think of all the situations where that is useful?

Tactical empathy?

Being your physical best?

Let’s work together and become better fit to perform.

Let’s got back and then look forward, applying tactical empathy.

Let’s become scholar-warriors.