Overcome Team Dysfunction like the Mongol Horde

  Would you rather listen?   We’ve looked at the makings of memorable military units and the armies of some of history’s greatest empires in the past year.  We’ve talked about how some of the very skills and principles from strength and conditioning were utilized to maximize their effectiveness. And Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Long Rucks or Tabata Bootcamps? Is HIIT better than LISS?

Guest Post by:  Rene Daniel High-intensity workouts are all the rage these days, especially when they are a part of interval training. The Cross-Fit mania currently sweeping the nation is a prime example of this. Of course, that old standby, traditional low-intensity exercise, has never gone out of style either. Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Know Your Macros – Fuel Your Workout Properly

Guest post by:  Monica Nichols Macronutrients are the pillars of human nutrition, and without them our bodies wouldn’t be able to function even at the most basic level. There are three types of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These three kinds of molecules have very different roles in our organisms, Continue Reading